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Why use the free wordpress Website Silo Architecture Plugin?

Typically the ranking power from a blog post diminishes over time, rankings fall, traffic falls and the good content that you spent so much time writing falls into the dust bin of the archives.

Why does this happen?

The “archive” nature of a blog post and settings in admin->reading settings causes it to fall off the front page and RSS feed,  losing the Google Page Rank passed from those links – the traffic to it-  diminishes as a result. Over time RSS feeds, bookmarks and inbound links stale.

All of this causes the post to loose page rank, loosing overall rankings on Google, and therefore passes less and less PR to the destination page.  This means you have to regularly add new posts to replace the diminishing PR of the older posts.

You might think you could get around this by simply putting up 10 blog posts and leaving them alone – they all stay on the front page and in the RSS feed and it should all be good, eh?

But sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

The very age of the posts will cause them to stop being pushed through the blog RSS channels as “news” and traffic and inbound links will still diminish. To make this work you would have to actively promote those blog posts to keep them “alive”. By they time you run yourself ragged doing all this, these posts may as well have been any kind of  static HTML  page. By this time, you’ve gained nothing from using the wordpress blog as a platform.

Silo Architecture Uses Pages: The Smart Alternative

If, however, you have a static page, then it has a permanent link from the home page and will naturally get a stream of traffic that is occasionally linked by others to keep the Pagerank buoyant – and our new plugin embeds related blog post excerpts at the bottom of the static pages,  keeping the content on the page changing and helps to keep it “fresh” from the eyes of Google bots.  The fact that the content is related, and the structure is silos helps rankings immensely!

You’ll still want to help it out a little bit from time to time, too, with some fresh inbound links and pingbacks, but it takes far less effort than a webpage to keep it active – especially if you have some good traffic to your blog due to your painkiller articles!

So with this plugin you get a double whammy for your website – you get the inbound link juice from the static page with some aged page rank – and you get the rotating juice from the blog posts.

What if a blog is all you want to implement?  You’ll be able to use the static page part like a website, for your evergreen content – and your posts can be the in-the-moment news, getting the very best of both worlds.


Included: Step-by-Step Blog Install Tutorial by Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell


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